Get Involved

Get Involved

In addition to monetary donations, we invite volunteers and friends to get involved in a few different ways:


Host a Cocktail Party


A cocktail party for 50 people in which one of our staff members can either in person or via Video Conference present about the work we do or about an interesting topic in Autism makes for a great evening.
It is usually a 2-hour event and we serve light hors d’oeuvres and drinks.
A suggested donation of USD$50 (plus your costs) is customary.

Organize a Drive for Educational Materials

Social media is a great venue for this.  You can make a call to all your friends in social media to send lightly used or new toys for ages 0 to 7.  Usable materials such as preschool color pencils, crayons, markers, play dough, magic sand, construction paper, pens, whiteout, permanent marker, and velcro are always needed.  For a more specific list, please send an email to

Travel to one of our partners’ locations and volunteer


If you are a certified behavior analyst, a psychologist, a teacher, or a speech pathologist we are in need of your help!   You can volunteer to travel to one of the countries we work in for a 1-day workshop or for a 2-month training workshop.   Or anything in between. Your call.   Send your CV with a letter of intent to our director at