What We Do

What We Do

Through our founders’ combined 35 years of experience in the field of Autism, we have learned that appropriate and accessible services for children and their families in the Autism Spectrum are still not readily available for Spanish-Speaking families around the world.  Through our work in Peru, Chile and Ecuador; 66 children and their families receive effective, research-based early intervention services in either their homes, an early intervention center or a school.

In Lima, Peru, 24 professionals support services to 44 families in a 2,000 square foot building that serves as our center. Along with the services being provided at the center, some of the families are receiving services in their homes, in the community and in local preschools/schools. In addition to that daily work, these professionals meet with approximately 8 new families each month, conducting approximately 4 new evaluations.

In Cusco, Peru, we make possible that 16 students receive daily individualized instruction provided by 15 professionals who have received and continue to receive, effective, researched-based educational tools. These students are organized in 4 classrooms, housed within an existing special education school. Two additional students attend a local public school, with an aide that assists them in the inclusion process.

In Santiago, Chile, we have trained 4 professionals that are now providing individualized services to 3 children in their homes or preschool/school. We continue to provide supervisión for the implementation of these services as well as training for the professionals and families involved.

In various cities in Ecuador, we have trained and continue to supervise 6 professionals that are now providing one-to-one home-based early intervention services to 3 children and their families.

In Perú as well as in Chile, we have provided workshops to many preschools and schools who have expressed interest in having their teachers and other educational professional in staff learn more about effective educational practices. Some examples are:

Colegio San Pedro / Villa Caritas in Lima, Peru
Nido La Casa Amarilla in Lima, Peru
Colegio Aleph in Lima, Peru
Colegio Nido de Aguilas, Santiago, Chile
Lincoln Academy, Santiago, Chile
Nido Jardin La Merced, Lima, Peru

In 2014 and 2015 we received requests from 5 professionals who we had been working with in Lima, Peru for financial support to attend the Association for Behavior Analysis International Annual Conference in the United States, where they would also have the opportunity to present on the work they do. We were able to raise the funds to make this a reality. Their presentations were very well received. One of them had never left their home country. Two of them had never been to the Unites States before.

Every year we hold 3 fundraising events (a Cocktail Party, a Silent Auction, an Educational Materials Drive, an e-mail request for donations) in order to support the above work.